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The Abby bar chair is the materialization of midcentury modern style. With geometric shapes that merge with bar chair back details, this Abby bar chair will bring a vintage touch to your projects.

Elegant stool. It is he perfect décor piece for your home.

This luxurious upholstered green bar chair is part of our mid-century modern furniture collection.

Aviel Bar Chair C076 with simple white velvet color combination and artistic curved lines combine to form a metallic gold frame, which makes this chair look particularly bright.A work that is minimalistic in appearance without losing creativity and careful consideration of actual needs.

Beata Bar Chair C046 This bar stool highlights the quality of life, the stable style increases the layered sense of space. The combination of blue and gold is simple and stylish. The round metal ring on the back of the seat is very individual.

This Bella bar stool is made of gold metal frame and high quality velvet. The oval backrest and seat look so coordinated.

The Stay Family turns everyday seating into a special occasion. The Dining Chair and Dining Armchair are variations on an elegant social theme whilst the Dining Table adds a theatrical touch to social gatherings; the upholstered Armchair and Sofa make an irresistible invitation to sit, the dream-like Bella Stool C085 encourages peaceful reverie and the Bella sets complete this refined yet glamourous range.

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This bar chair was designed to not go unnoticed in any mid-century amblance,inspired by the Selah,this bar chair brings us the best of the golden area.Upholstered with sofa and rich velvet,the brass details of this bar will make it the star of any ambiance.

The charming bar chair was created to be an object of desire in any bar.By combining an upholstered round shape with tapered lacquered legs and brass details,this bar chairs will not go unnoticed.

Cikey Bar Chair C044 is fashion and simplicity are the soul of the work. The dignified and noble temptation is very confusing and difficult to resist. Her charm is extraordinary.

Each exquisitely curved design features detailed seaming to the front and reverse, surmounting either bold metal stands or exposed legs enclosed by a brass circlet, creating the piece de resistance for any interior.