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Alice Table C038 is a very personal and creative coffee table. His unique irregular shape makes him look so artistic. The golden appearance shows a luxurious temperament. This coffee table will be a favorite and choice of nobles.

A famous jazz musician, was the inspiration for this stunning dining chair. Made by the noblest and elegant materials, the Brynn metal chair will be a center of attention for any project.

Inspired by a French actress famous for her performances musical movies, the Fox dining chair is an elegant element to any dining room. With the captivating design, this dining chair will enhance any dining table.

Add a majestic touch to your home with our designer range of luxury sofa available in a variety of shapes,styles,colors.

With the possibility to mix colors, textures and patterns, the Iris sofa is the most desirable mid-century modern piece. Combining retro style with modern contours, Iris sofa is the perfect choice to enhance your project with a stylish look.