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Black color is a classic match. The design is simple, elegant and very artistic.The unique irregular metal back design is the highlight of this Ada Bar Chair C059 design. The black metal back looks like hot chocolate flowing down.

The circular shape is the main design element of this Aviel bar chair. A bar chair made of prototypes of different sizes looks so cute. The combination of white flannel and gold metal frame makes Aviel Bar Chair C075 elegant and luxurious.

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The Kimberley bar chair was designed to not go unnoticed in any mid-century ambiance. Inspired by the saxophonist, this bar chair brings us the best of the golden era. Upholstered with soft and rich velvet, the brass details of this bar chair will make it the star of any ambiance.

This luxurious upholstered barstool is part of our mid-century modern furniture collection.

Inspired by the Hollywood’s golden era, it conceived a piece that represents all the glamour and prestige of that era. Made of aged brushed brass and cotton velvet upholstery, this chair is definitely a decorative statement for your dining room or luxury interior project.