Ziegle is a full set outdoor furniture range either for garden or seaside. We use aluminum and treat with powder coatings, to make them anti-rusty and can keep a long life. Can be in different color options as you want and make your space colorful and easy matching with other decorations. There can be also a removeable cushion as another option if you want to be more comfortable. Below tips can show you the other advantages of this aluminum range:

Durability at Its Finest
Unlike outdoor furniture made of steel or iron, aluminum patio furniture does not rust. While other materials are easily damaged when exposed to salty or moist outdoor air, aluminum outdoor furniture is not.

Versatility is Key
Another great component of aluminum is its versatility. You would notice different things in your home alone that are made of aluminum, especially decorative ones. It can be easily extruded or cast into any shape or design.

Some outdoor furniture made of wood, iron or steel, can be difficult to move around because of its weight. If you are looking for something light, then aluminum makes for a great option!

Unbelievably Affordable
Of course, the price also matters when investing in outdoor furniture. You would be pleased to know that aluminum patio furniture is reasonably priced here at Maicass. Since it will also last for years, you will be getting your money’s worth!

long chair
bar stool & bar
dining table & chairs