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Create a Warm Industrial Room Space



1. The Whitewash Effect

The all-white aesthetic is trending all over the modern design world. It’s fresh, bright, and makes a space feel open and airy. And guess what? It even works with industrial design!
all-white kitchen only needs a couple of raw metallic pieces to establish its industrial cred. The pendant light is painted a white with a bit of distressing to let its age and character show through, and a cement pillar adds just the right amount of texture and grit to the otherwise clean look.Chalky finishes and lots of sunlight highlight the airiness of this minimalist loft. An old, whitewashed barn door and rustic wood bench give a bit of character to the space. The low profile bed accentuates the height of the room and draws attention to the windows and the all-white aesthetic makes it feel open and spacious.

2. Delicate Furniture Designs

Just because the industrial style uses heavy materials like metal and brick doesn’t mean your furniture’s designs have to look heavy. Sleeker, lighter frameworks make a nice contrast with the industrial setting.
The slender metal legs on these barstools mimic the thin, hanging cords of the Edison bulbs, creating a light and airy feeling.The delicate, woven hanging chair on the upper floor of this loft looks buoyant and weightless, adding lightness to this industrial space.

3. Open Shelving

Use open shelving rather than cabinetry to increase this feeling of airy lightness.
Shelving can also be used to draw attention upward, accentuating the height of the room and creating a sense of headspace.

4. Whimsical Light Fixtures

Delicate glass or paper pendant lamps can add a light and airy contrast to your heavier industrial materials.A celestial-looking chandelier seems to dissolve the heavy brick wall behind it.

5. Bohemian Accents

Industrial boho is a thing, and it’s a thing of beauty. The relaxed, eclectic earthiness of the bohemian aesthetic blends well with the raw nature of industrialism, but softens it a bit, too.
Plants, prints, and organic textures look natural in this industrial space and give it an uplifting vibe.A little bit of vibrant color goes a long way in brightening this simple bathroom.

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