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10 Easy Way to Modify Your Room Art 2




6: Use Existing Architectural Details
Taking advantage of existing architectural details can provide a stunning frame for your art. Notice how the arched doorway leading into the dining room draws additional attention to the photograph, further accentuating how its bright colors pop against the dark wall. The image has a vintage feel that provides a great backdrop for the Mid Century chandelier, too.

7: Display on Shelves and Mantlepieces
Propping small and medium sized art on chair rails, mantelpieces, floating shelves, or a sideboard is an innovative display idea for apartment dwellers who may not want to put lots of holes in the walls. Displaying your art collection this way also works well for art enthusiasts with extensive collections and limited wall space. Smaller art can be propped in front of larger works for increased visual impact.

In more casual settings, coordinating art and tableware is an enjoyable way to create visual unity in your dining space.

8: Embrace Bold Color and Scale
Displaying large original artwork can add a burst of color to room and help to define your dining area in an open space. This bold painting provides a strong focal point and effectively frames the table.

9: Go for Visual Impact
Using textures and stark contrast can be an appealing way to decorate your dining room. Here, a large white sculptural chandelier is framed by the minimal black painting behind it for maximum impact.

10: Make a Window with Art
Hanging lush landscape art or an eye-catching abstract piece allows you to create a “window” on interior walls and treat your guests to a visual feast.

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