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10 Easy Way to Modify Your Home Art



Displaying art effectively can transform your dining area into a haven for relaxation and reflection, or create a vibrant space for socializing and celebration. In either case, showcasing some of your favorite artwork around the dining table is a valuable way to increase the visual appeal of your living space and make your home feel more welcoming and complete.

Here are some ideas on how to hang and display original art and art prints in your dining room:
1: Hang Art in Pairs
Pairing similar artwork in engaging colors creates a sense of symmetry and harmony in your dining space. This pair of bright paintings also complements the cheerful colors of the woven rug.
2: Work with the Windows

Complementary art can be also used to frame and highlight windows. Small original works and art prints make a big impact when effectively displayed in limited spaces above windows and doors.

3: Add Interest with Contrasts
Combining colorful paintings with rustic textured surfaces creates interesting contrast in your living space. Using warm colors and natural materials can make dining spaces feel more inviting.

4: Hang Small Art in Groups
Displaying small art in groups invites a sense of wonder and fun. A unique mix of paintings, drawings, photos, and sculpture is a great conversation starter at social gatherings, encouraging guests to share stories about where they found their favorite art treasures.

5: Use Existing Architectural Details
Taking advantage of existing architectural details can provide a stunning frame for your art. Notice how the arched doorway leading into the dining room draws additional attention to the photograph, further accentuating how its bright colors pop against the dark wall. The image has a vintage feel that provides a great backdrop for the Mid Century chandelier, too.

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