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You’ll wonder why you didn’t do them sooner

We all know that adding a few cushions and throws here and there can make the world of difference to a room, or that the more windows you have – the more open feeling the space. But they don’t give you the same grandeur most of us want in our homes. They are refreshing, but are they really that stylish? We want tips that really add oomph and chicness to our homes.

Well, these tips do exactly that, are budget friendly and with stunning results.

1 |Cheer up small spaces with plants

As we tend to focus on large pieces of furniture like sofas and tables, corners of our homes are often left a little neglected. Even in the hustle bustle of a kitchen. The solution? Adding an array of fresh and different textured plants, big and small, preened and overgrown. Literally go wild – the splash of green looks amazing in any room.

2 | Use wallpaper in unexpected places
So long are the days where wallpaper is used on every wall – that look can be loud and rather dated. Instead, be clever and playful with it. Whether a large floral motif wallpaper in the corner of a room or wallpaper underneath stair-steps and inside cupboards – it instantly adds statement, colour and chicness to your home and isn’t as expensive as you would think to do.

3 | Leave cabinets and shelving space open
Embrace clutter. Open shelving is a fantastic way to display our homeware and means we can actually be more diligent about what we keep. Hang up your pots and pans (with some order). A look that’s especially in at the moment is copper and brass pans. Matching dinnerware looks beautiful but mis-matching can work too.

4 | Paint small rooms light colours to create the illusion of space
Spare rooms or lofts can be difficult spaces to decorate with such small space and lack of light. Change this by using bright paint colours. Even a light grey like this looks sophisticated and instantly lifting.

5 | If you paint walls white, add art
There’s a quote by textile designer Peter Dunham who says that if you’re going to paint walls white, you need art, and we couldn’t agree more. Go for a monochrome look and add black framed typography to your walls. Try mixing and matching different sizes and prints for a look that’s cool and well put together.

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