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Building a Dreaming House:3 Easy Ways to Refresh your Home




Our weather in Oregon can’t decide if it wants to be cold and rainy or warm and sunny. But regardless of the fickle weather, Spring is definitely here! Our cherry tree blossoms have already come and gone, and one of my peonies–which I tried my best to kill with neglect–has five buds on it that are ready to pop. Now we just need to make the inside of our house feel as fresh and ready for Spring as the outside does. While it’s true that our holiday decor has long since been taken down and packed away, our living areas could use a purposeful refresh to make them look ready for the season. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to add some natural Spring touches to our house without breaking the bank.

1. Add fresh flowers or greenery

Fresh flowers add such a nice, natural burst of color and texture to any room. Whether you buy a bunch, cut some from your garden, or trim a few long branches of blooms from flowering trees, fresh flowers (or greenery) will make a room come alive. I started treating myself to a bouquet of fresh flowers every week right around Valentine’s Day. That might sound extravagant, but they’re just simple bouquets or bunches of flowers from the floral department of our local grocery store. I put them in a vase or jar on a rustic wooden tray along with some pretty candles on our kitchen table, and it brightens up the whole kitchen! Add some fresh (or even realistic-looking faux) flowers or greenery to every room that you want to freshen up
2. Add some Spring touches to your mantel, bookshelves, or console tables

Adding a few thoughtful, Spring-themed pieces of decor to your mantel, table tops, or bookshelves is a breeze, and helps your house look fresh and bright. I have basically 3 sets of decor for my house: Fall decor, Christmas decor, and then the rest of the year. For 8 to 9 months every year, I have pretty neutral decor up, and it would be really easy to add a few Spring touches–fresh flowers, moss, lots of white–to brighten everything up.

3. Swap out your throw pillows

Throw pillows are just about the easiest things in the world to switch out seasonally. They aren’t expensive, and you can literally just throw the old ones in a storage tub or garbage bag and put them in the attic or basement until their season rolls around again. I think all the time about getting new couches in the family room, but what would help the room look different immediately and for a lot less money is just replacing our tired, boring throw pillows. There are so many cute ones available in bright, pretty Spring colors

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