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His & Her: Designing a Room


Let’s say you’re starting a family room makeover. Where do you even begin the design process? I often look to the staple pieces, or larger furniture like couches and chairs. Those are going to be the main focus of the room so you’ll want them to be good looking and comfortable

Next I usually look at textiles: window treatments, area rugs, and accent pillows. By this time I usually have a color theme in mind and can narrow down y searches. Then once I have my textiles, I usually pull a paint swatch color from within the fabric. Ace Hardware even has the Color Match Technology where it can scan a pillow, bedding, rug, etc to perfectly match a color for your walls. Amazingly cool.

Or if you have your base furniture and a paint color in mind, you can then find textiles to coordinate with your color scheme.

A couple of years ago when I was designing the sun room in our last home I noticed a big trend across Pinterest and blogs. Tons of them had these gorgeous mono-chromatic rooms. Beige everywhere! I mean couches, chairs, wall colors… pretty much everything in the room. And it worked together so nicely!

And then when I try my hand at it… flat.

Then it dawned upon me that I really needed to be true to my own design aesthetic. So I painted the walls Bottlenose Dolphin by Valspar and the entire room came to life! Same window treatments, same couches, same chairs & tables, same area rug and wall art and lighting… the paint made the difference in the room. And it had me written all over it.

If you’re having trouble narrowing down colors, look for inspiration. I prefer to look at instead of Pinterest for interior design ideas. You can easily filter the photos and don’t have to worry about broken links or strange search results. Save a bunch of images, then go back and see if there’s a trend among your favorites.

Maybe you already have one key item in your room but need help finishing the look? In Ellie’s new bedroom we found some bright, colorful quilts perfect for her twin beds. Since there was so much going on in the pattern, I wanted the walls to remain light and not have the room look like an exploded box of crayons. So I looked to design magazines for some inspiration. I found a house that was almost entirely decorated with white planked walls. And even though the house had this very cool modern vintage vibe, I thought the same wall treatment could work in Ellie’s bedroom. And it did!

One trick when flipping through design magazines: I always keep my phone nearby and snap photos of the pages with ideas I like. And since I always have my phone with me when I’m out shopping I can easily look back on the photos for inspiration.

So you’re probably wondering by now… how do I put all of these ideas together? MOOD BOARDS. I tell everyone this is my saving grace when designing a room. I often worry how colors, patterns, and textures will flow together and creating a mood board really takes some fear out of my purchases (especially online ones). I might have 5 different curtain panels that I love for my bedroom, but until I see them in the mood board I can’t fully envision how it will all work together in my space.

My biggest piece of advice would be to remember that your house is a place for your family to gather. It should reflect the things your family loves: a school-crafted ceramic from your 7 year old, photos of your great-grandparents, trinkets you’ve collected over the years, your latest (and maybe not greatest) DIY project, and cool collectables from your family’s travels. While you want your home to look nice and sharp, you don’t want to create a cold, stark place where your family doesn’t want to sit and snuggle every night. Cause c’mon… the world would be a very depressing place without those nightly snuggles, right?

Hope each our customer would have a perfect home with her or him, Maicass Furniture would like to help you in any time !

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