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Why is Scandinavian furniture so popular?

博客3Scandinavian furniture first became popular in the first half of the 20th century following the influence of mass-production after World War II. With a strong economy and the growth of consumer culture, Scandinavian furniture saw a huge increase in importation to other countries. Wood, especially pine, is the chief material used for producing Scandinavian furniture due to the abundance of forests in these countries.

Wood is a cheap and natural resource to use and the plentiful supply of such materials allowed specialist furniture manufacturers in Scandinavian countries to quickly perfect their skills in this area of crafting.Over the years, manyScandinavian furniturecompanies have built up a strong reputation for producing incredibly well-made furnishings. These high quality pieces are handcrafted from solid wood which, as a result, is extremely strong and durable. Because the focus of the manufacturers is to create a luxurious finish, the products are incredibly smooth and elegant.Because of the huge popularity of Scandinavian furniture, there have been many cheap and poorly made copies of the real products. However, true Scandinavian manufacturers have managed to maintain their place as one of the most sought after producers of solid wood furniture in the world simply by continuing to produce furniture to a high standard as they have always done.

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